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Today in this article discuss the difference between Windows operating system and Linux operating system. We all know that both are the operating systems but it is necessary to know the major difference between both of them also will be studying detail. In this article, we will discuss why Windows is better than Linux while many users prefer Windows instead of Linux.

The major difference between Linux and Windows is Windows is a commercial operating system Linux is an open source operating system. But both are the types of operating systems and if you are not aware of what is the operating system?. Here is the definition of operating system operating System contains different software that helps in managing the hardware resources.

What is the operating system?

The operating system works like that it manages all the hardware in the computer and software resources. It helps in running the different software for example if you want to run anti-virus software then you can run it need some operating system to run different programs. For example, Windows Media Player browsers there are different types of operating system, for example,

  • ubuntu
  • android
  • kernel
  • Linux

Microsoft is the first operating system and it has many features than other operating systems like Linux and Ubuntu.

Difference between Linux and Windows

As we have told that the main difference is Windows is commercial and LINUX is open source.

  • Windows and LINUX are the operating systems. If you want to register Windows then it cost a lot of money you have to pay the registration fees otherwise in the Linux you can use free there is no need to register LINUX operating system.
  • Operating systems are Windows XP, MS-Dos, Windows Vista, Windows 7 now the latest version of operating system is Windows 10 in the tablets and laptops as well. Linux, on the other hand, is also known as the central component in different operating systems.
  • Windows happiness both are the graphical interfaces but in the Linux, you have to use the console, you use commands to start and close the program. But in Windows, you don’t need to do this in the Windows.
  • Commercial Operating systems are also known as Windows which means that You have to pay a lot of money for the operating system.
  • There are many other differences as well that we will discuss later.
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Why Should we Use Linux?

There are many reasons to use Linux.

Introducing and utilizing Linux on your framework is the simplest method to keep away from infections and malware.

Linux is More Secure:

The explanation behind this larger amount of security is that since Linux is open source programming, the source code is accessible for a survey. An enormous number of designers everywhere throughout the world have experienced the code, which implies that a large portion of the imperfections has just been found.

Framework is Flexible

The Linux framework is exceptionally steady and isn’t inclined to crashes. The Linux OS runs precisely as quick as it did when initially introduced, even following quite a long while.

Every one of the variations of Linux has their own particular focal programming archive, which is utilized to refresh the framework and protect it.

They offer standard updates and the framework can be refreshed without rebooting it. The refreshing should be possible intermittently, with only a couple of snaps, or clients can even robotize the refreshing procedure.

Linux is Free

Linux is totally free and clients don’t have to pay for anything. All the essential programming required by a run of the mill client and even a propelled client are accessible.

The most essential part of Linux is that its source code is accessible as it falls under the FOSS class (Free and Open Source Software)

Clients have colossal adaptability in modifying the framework according to their prerequisites. There are various decisions for backdrops, work area symbols and boards. There are a greater part of twelve work area situations to look over, similar to GNOME, KDE, and so forth.

They can add to Linux by aiding in documentation, interpretation and testing.

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Linux can be a fabulous instructive apparatus for schools and universities as free programming is accessible to help in educating.

Why is Windows Better Than Linux?

No operating system is a user-friendly no user wants to write the different commands to Executive programs everyone wants the simple and unique interface which is easy to understand and easy to adjust. If you need windows technical solutions and help then must visit TechRapidly.

Feature in Windows

There are numerous features in Windows than Linux. We have an analysis that Microsoft has a large working on features on Windows. On the other hand, Linux does not have many efficient features than Windows. For example, if we talk about the latest updates in Windows 10 then Cortana is one of the best examples in the World of Feature.

Beginning with Windows 7, the last arrival of Microsoft Windows, for the most part, have an insignificant measure of bugs.

At that point, there are the issues of expenses. Presently, this is one zone where Windows misses out! All of the Linux flavors are either free of cost or are accessible at a much lower cost.

Microsoft Windows underpins an extensive variety of equipment and the majority of the equipment produces bolster their equipment in Microsoft Windows because of its bigger client base.

Conclusion About the Difference Between Linux and Windows – Why Windows is Better Than Linux

In this article, we have seen that difference between Linux and Windows and why Windows it is better than Linux. Because of many features in Windows for example, recently we have seen the 3D paint feature in the latest version of Windows 10. To avail or use such feature, we may need to use Windows instead of Linux.

How is your experience with Linux and Windows? Which one do you use? Have you had any issues in Linux or Windows? Or, If you have any query, Let us know in the Comments.

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