Things To Be Done Before A Successful Mobile App Launch

Successful Mobile App Launch

Everyone is now an app developer, kudos to the internet and to the other sources, which made them a better app developer but when it comes to launching the app in the Google Play and other google play store alternative platforms, it makes people go baffle. Even there are people who develop apps from on-demand e-commerce app to much more complex enterprise apps without any fuss. Well, everything seems fine, what is the problem them? When they want to launch the app in the App Store, they consider that as their biggest challenge.

After conducting a lot of research and witnessing the result we have come to this point where these 8 points to be the most useful ways to launch the app in the app store.

what are the things to be done before launching a mobile app?

1. Research Your Competitor and the Industry

Researching on your competitors and the industry you are indulged in will sure payoff. This is the key before launching the app as it needs all these data along with a sound knowledge and understanding about the functionality of the process as well the app. As a marketer, it is must know the business values and your competitors’ products, and the quality of the app. Just do a study on the pros and cons of your competitors’ applications.

Choosing the development of the mobile app is much important, there are many types of development available; Cross-Platform Mobile Apps, Native, Hybrid is few that are in the peak. Create a spreadsheet and weigh the pricing, customer satisfaction, the pros and cons of your app and your competitors’ apps.

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2. Prepare an Approach of Strategic Pricing

You have all the potentials to make the app free for your users, or to add a price for the subscription, or to offer in-app purchase or to offer a pricing for the initial download. But in case you are planning to make the app reach a lot of people then going free is the best option to choose. But if you are trying to introduce a solution for a serious problem that exists among the society then making the app premium would go well as there is a demand for that.

3. Optimize Your App for the App Store

App Store Optimization (ASO) helps the app to be in a top rank in the search results of the Play Store and App Store. Both these will help to reach Android and iOS users. ASO is steadily started gaining popularity among the app development and app marketing. Meta Description and Key Word insertion are one of the main areas where you need to concentrate as well as the visuals and the branding that is used for the app.

4. Develop a Strategy to Outreach Your App through Media

While launching the app try to connect with the writers, bloggers, and journalists, building a relationship with these people will surely help you to reach a lot of audience in the arena. In a way, you can easily captivate those are being their followers and subscribers. This is one of the easiest ways where you can connect with them and this helps you to make many people engage with your services and also can make revenue if you are looking to launch an on-demand or a premium app.

5. Build or Launch a Website

Many would be wondering ‘what is the use of website when I’m developing a mobile app?’ Well, the mobile app is to reach your business or to provide services to the users, but the website acts as a support for the mobile app. One of the main reasons to open up a website is to manage or to redirect everyone’s email to one place. The other primary goal is to redirect all the visitors to your mobile app.

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6. Reach the World Easily

It doesn’t mean that everything is over because you have done all these; the real thing is to keep in contact with the targeted audience and constantly turn them towards your business or simply your mobile application. To accomplish this, be active in different online forums, blogs, and Facebook groups. This is one of the best ways where you can reach a lot of audiences and would be a nice place to promote your mobile application to them as well as your services you provide them.

Launching a mobile app into the app store is not a piece of cake where you can gulp it, but it has a lot of work that needs to do, and no, this is not rocket science. Systematic procedures and some innovative ideas will be more than enough to achieve what you wanted for and reaching a million users isn’t a job that you can expect to accomplish overnight, but it would take some time and will surely reach your expectations when the right strategies are followed.

By following these rules and information, I hope that you can overcome a lot of difficulties that are being a hurdle between you and the app store. One of the common sayings that everyone says is apt here that is ‘think out of the box’.

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