Why Should You Become a Hadoop Connoisseur In 2020?

Hadoop Connoisseur In 2019

Even a newbie in the corporate world knows the significance of Big Data in the world these days. Big Data is growing rapidly. It is being used in almost every sector. The adoption rate of Big Data is definitely pretty high. Therefore, needless to say, the career prospects in the world of Big Data are growing too. Hence, now a day’s people are more interested than ever in building a career in the field of Big Data. Starting from experienced professionals, to a college fresher, a large number of people are developing their Big Data skills to get fabulous opportunities in the world of Big Data.

In order to build a career in the field of Big Data, you might have to learn the programs, tools and solutions which are being used by the Big Data experts. One of the most used and preferred Big Data tools is Apache Hadoop! Hadoop has been there in the industry since years, but quickly it became the favorite of many. Hence, Hadoop experts are high in demand, and if you also want to build your career in the world of Big Data, then learning or rather mastering Hadoop is a great way! International Hadoop market is expected to touch the $50.2 billion mark by 2020. Isn’t this reason enough to learn Hadoop? If then, in this article, we will find out a few more reasons to master Hadoop.

Listed below are a few of the top reasons to learn Hadoop:

Hadoop is an Ecosystem

Hadoop is a lot more than just a tool. It is almost like an ecosystem. Thus, when it comes to learning Hadoop, you get a chance to grasp a lot of understanding regarding the processing, storing, analyzing, etc. of Big Data. Thus, we can clearly see that Hadoop is about much more than just storage & Processing. The approach of Hadoop is very clear, it includes various parameters starting from Acquire to Visualize. Hadoop is basically used to collect data RDBMS. Afterward, the solution arranges all the data which is collected on the Cluster using HDFS. After the collection is completed, the data is refined properly. Refining is an important element to make sure that the data is perfect. Learning Hadoop makes you an all-encompassing Big Data professional. As, you get to understand a lot about how Big Data collection, analysis and visualization work.

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Companies are leaving no stone unturned to adopt Big Data and Hadoop

Market competition is becoming stiff and stiff with each passing day. Therefore, more and more companies are more interested than ever in Hadoop. They want to make sure that they have the right Hadoop technology along with top-class Hadoop experts. Big Data analysis is very important when it comes to gaining a competitive edge in the company. Also, plenty of organizations have realized the fact that big data analytics is definitely one of the most vital parts of their business performance. In Fact, now Big Data experts and specifically people who master Hadoop are taking part in devising a business’s strategies and company policies as well. Thus, learning Hadoop is definitely going to help you greatly in your professional journey!

Java experts should also master Hadoop

Hadoop is undoubtedly the upcoming Java-based framework. It has the potential to be a frontrunner when it comes to devising superb business, sales, marketing, etc. plans. Hadoop is a lot more than just a single technology, and it is Java-based. Also, it is believed that a small part of the success of Hadoop goes to the fact it is Java based. As Hadoop’s complete processing engine MapReduce is written in Java, thus Java experts have a great chance of learning and mastering Hadoop. Simply, because a Hadoop professional would be required to type in the MapReduce scripts in Java, and that’s how the Big Data computation will happen. So, if you are a Java expert, then learning Hadoop is going to take you higher up the corporate rankings.

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Basically, Hadoop is used to make Big Data usable. With the help of Hadoop development services, Big Data is processed, and thus, useful insights are being generated. All these insights are being used to help the company perform better. The adoption of Hadoop is on a high, thus, the opportunities and salaries in the Big Data field will also increase. This is one of the best reasons to learn and master Hadoop skills. Hence, if you want to be a top Hadoop professional, then keep enriching your skills in 2019!

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