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WiFi speed

To obtain a better WiFi speed, you typically need a reliable and faster home network connection. Nowadays, WiFi speeds vary greatly that impact on how quickly you can upload and download files and stream your favourite shows or movies. Numerous factors also affect the quality and reliability of a home networking system, creating higher lag or latency, and resulting in less-than-ideal gaming as well as video experience. Dead zones and poor connectivity deeply affect reliability and speed. This is a place in your home where you don’t receive any internet connectivity or signal strength. Extender Linksys would be the ultimate solution to get rid of this problem.

What more you can do in order to gain a better WiFi speed? There are several things you can follow. A few of them are given below.

Internet Speed

The first step is that you are supposed to look at your current speed provided to you by your Internet Service Provider. WiFi speed reflects how fast and reliable packets of data are transmitted from World Wide Web (WWW) to your existing router and the modem. It is perfectly measured in units known as ‘bits’. You will usually see this as Gbps (gigabits per second) or Mbps (megabits per second). Most of the Internet Service Providers have low upload speeds but very high download speeds.


Our tech support team at extender.linksys can help in identifying your current internet usage. Our team will also recommend a speed along with other tools to improve your existing home networking system based on the way that your house and WiFi devices make use of the internet.

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Factors Include:

  • Types of Activities

Ok, let us ask you a question first. Do you have high-performance needs like gaming and streaming videos or you are just surfing and hanging around the internet? Remember, net plays a vital role in completing the process if Linksys extender setup successfully.

  • Number of Devices

A number of users on your networking system or the home network suppose to be a key factor that determines the internet speed you acquire. We also take care of the items that tap into your bandwidth like doorbells, video cameras, smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc. On the other hand, we also look at the total number of video streaming devices like Chromecast, ScreenBeam Mini2, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV.

Your Linksys setup extender process can also be helpful in the same. Just connect your computer, laptop, or a smart TV with it and enjoy streaming your favourite videos and movies.

Visit here for more info about extender.linksys.com.

  • Home layout and Size

So, do you have a house with 3-4 levels and a deck or a small, single story home? Different scenarios can impact the WiFi performance in your home wisely. As already discussed, a Linksys range extender would be the ultimate solution. Also, remember that a router alone is not enough to spread the internet range to far corners of the house.

  • Gateway/ Router

In today’s modern era, the technology of router is evolving continually. So, if you own an old version of the router (802.11n), then the time has come to seek an expert advice to update your device. Nowadays, the latest WiFi networking standard, which supports video streaming and high-performance applications like gaming and video streaming is 802.11ac. With this, you can get speeds ranging more than gigabits per second to use.

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Such kind of routers operates in 5GHz range and is specially designed to minimizing the third-party WiFi issues that interference a lot. To resolve this issue, place your device far away from the metal appliance, electronic objects, and Bluetooth devices.

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  • Home Networking Devices

There is actually a number of devices that can help you in vanishing dead zones areas and improving the WiFi signal strength. If you have questions about WiFi repeaters, range extenders, and boosters, you can visit our official website.

To get high-speed of internet range all over the house, buy a Linksys range extender and connect it with your existing router. After that, grab a computer or laptop and attach your range extender via Ethernet cable with it. Next, click on Linksys extender setup-xxx and extend your home network to a greater extent.

If you have more queries, then do not hesitate to drop them below.

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