Photo Stick for a Busy Dad

Photo Stick

If you are a father with small kids, you need to find a way to balance work and family life. It can be quite a difficult feat, especially if you have to be away from home most of the time.  It is often at these times your little ones make the leap from crawling to taking their first step or from babbling to saying their first few words. You will find yourself often teary-eyed and beaming with happiness when you are home and able to capture these precious moments with a picture or a video.

You try to be an active dad and continue taking pictures and videos of the important milestones and everything in between. Over the years, your collection of photos and videos grows, and these are very important to you. Certainly, more important than any tool or sports memorabilia collection you have.

The need to save and protect these photos and videos are in your opinion, worthy of being fought tooth and nail because that is just your nature, a tough guy outside but a responsible, loving father inside. 

Well, it is good to know that a nice little device called Photo Stick can save you the headache and pain of losing your precious family photos and videos.

What is a Photo Stick? 

Photo Stick is a small USB thumbdrive that is a great and easy way to organize your photos and videos. Just plug it in an empty USB slot of your computer, wait for the interface to pop up, and just hit the “Go” button. What does it really do? This device will instantly search for every picture and video files in every folder and instantly back them up without missing anything.

1. There is no software to install. Photo Stick will run smoothly even if you have a Mac or Windows computer.

2. Photo Stick can maximize your storage space by removing duplicate versions of your photos, making sure only one version of the original file is saved. Photo Stick works fast, too, as it instantly backs up thousands of photos in minutes. learn more how the photo stick work by visiting on holgadirect you will see how this tiny gadget will back up all your photos and videos in a matter of a few seconds.

3. No need to use the risky Cloud as a storage option, use Photo Stick instead, and it will protect your collection from being lost.

4. Photo Stick allows you to make a weekly backup, or you can back up anytime you want to include pictures and videos recently taken.

5. You can back up all your photos and videos with the standard JPEG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG4 file types, but it can also back up nearly all file types.

6. If you order online, you can have the Photo Stick delivered to you, and if you are in the United States, you can get free shipping.

7. You can choose the right variant of Photo Stick size you need. Photo Stick offers a discount on their prices on all the different thumbdrives sizes. For example, the 128 GB Photo Stick has a 50% discount. These 128 GB Photo Stick can save 60,000 pictures and video files.

8. If you’re concerned about the Photo Stick’s durability, don’t worry because all the materials used to make these thumbdrives are tough and of good quality. This device can and will withstand years of constant use. You can read more about the photo stick customers on Facebook by visiting at to see what they have to say about their own experience with the photo stick gadget.


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Photo Stick

There you go, super dad! Make your choice of what Photo Stick size you need. You might as well get the one with the biggest capacity, and might as well get several!

It is good to be prepared to back up all the new photos and videos you will be taking while watching your kids grow up! Now that is amazing.



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