Top 5 Planning Mistakes in Cutover Office 365 Migrations

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There are various ways available for Office 365 migration. Each migration methods are designed for specific organizational requirements and structure. One of these methods is cutover migration. If a user is part of an Office 365 deployment, then he or she can migrate the data of user mailboxes from a source email client to the MS Office 365. If they do this all procedure at a single time, this is called the cutover migration process. Before executing this method, it is necessary to set a plan. Because, even a little bit of planning mistakes in cutover Office 365 migration method can lead to a various problem like data loss, disruption to business communications etc. So, people must have an idea about the planning mistakes, so that they can avoid these faults and prevent their Office 365 data from corruption.

Common Planning Mistakes in the Cutover Office 365 Migrations

Here, we have discussed the 5 most common planning mistakes in the cutover migration method and also the solution to avoid these mistakes: Insufficient Business Continuity Planning

1. Insufficient Business Continuity Planning

If business continuity planning has not done in a proper way, then Security issues, data loss, and non-compliance with regulatory standards can be a serious problem. So, you should try to make a plan that can keep the archives in accordance with regulatory laws. Also, it would maintain the suitable information security practices and prevent the risks of essential information is lost.

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2. Unexpected Downtime

During the transferring of Office 365 data, if you perform the testing carefully, then you will surely do not face any issues. Because the cutover mistakes need troubleshooting and testing after a cutover Office 365 migration. It includes:

  • Important emails being affected by the spam filters
  • Problems with global calendaring features syncing consistently
  • Problem integrated with on-premises MS Exchange users with cloud users during the bulk migration

3. Spontaneous Archival of Risks

Generally, an organization will get a huge amount of archived email data, which can be required to preserve optimal system performance. If you have not prepared for a plan, then it will difficult to maintain the archives either on the cloud or in the on-premises. Also, it will lead the non-compliant data loss or unexpected delays in the Office 365 cutover process. If you plan to store your archives in on-premises or Office 365, then put the right tool for automating the migration.

4. A “Big Bang” Approach to Training

It is tempting to believe that migration on-premises Exchange to Office 365 could be relatively trouble-free for users. However, when a user is confused regarding the project and does not make a proper plan, the result can be a complete disaster.
In order to overcome this problem, effective training is not always the perfect solution for a short-term project. You can complete a cutover migration relatively quickly by using a big bang approach to training.

5. Underestimate the Project Size

If any company has less than 2,000 mailboxes, then migration should not be hard. But, if users undervalue the size of the project, it can lead to some of the greatest business problem included with the cutover migration. These problems can be:

  • The projects that run well over budget
  • Very little post-migration support
  • Not expected business disruption
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How to Avoid the Cutover Planning Mistakes?

If you want to migrate your data into Office 365 without facing any error, then you should try SysTools Office 365 Migrator tool. Because this is an effortless solution which can easily migrate all your data items into Office 365 account. However, there are no any file size limitations to migrate the data. Also, by using this tool, you can avoid the cutover planning mistakes in Office 365 migration method.


Before the cutover migration of Office 365, it is required to make a proper plan. But, there are some people who make mistakes during the planning. Hence, in this post, we have discussed the 5 most common planning mistakes in cutover Office 365 migration. Apart from this, we have also described a solution that can easily avoid the cutover planning mistakes.

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