Best GPS tracker for Hiking in 2018

Losing yourself in the wild and unknown can be a rewarding and heartwarming experience. But what happens when you are literally lost in nature? Exploring nature in a wild place is fun. The backpacking and trekking trips are one way to enjoy the gifts of nature, and that is what we call losing yourself in nature. But it isn’t free from any risks, and there are always some dangers involved in trekking and backpacking into the unknown. One of the dangers includes getting lost in the wilderness. It is easy to explore the off-track world of wilderness, but it isn’t easy at all to remember the ways in a jungle where everything seems so identical. Without a map and some knowledge to navigate, you can easily get lost out there and endanger your life.

There are a lot of things to explore in the wild. You can hike in the woods, trek in the high altitude plains, climb mountains, or go deep in the ocean for scuba diving, you should always know your location at any given time. Luckily in today’s world, we have advanced our tracking methods with Global Positional System trackers or better known simply as GPS. This small and simple, yet an amazing device can track your location every time you are out in the unknown.

A GPS device works with the help of satellites that are orbiting the earth. A device will link you with the satellite, which will let you know where you are headed all the time. It is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver. This device has become one of the most important gadgets to carry when heading on a trekking trail. It not only helps you navigate the directions but also tells you which direction to take when you are lost in the wild. It can certainly make a difference when facing life and death situation.

Today, some of the GPS devices are coming with great features along with global positioning. They contain a thermometer, watch, altimeter, calorie counter and even the distance covered by a person possessing a GPS. These features can help a person calculate his or her daily energy consumption and other important data. Following are some of the best GPS tracking devices that are available to everyone in the market. Use any one of them and make your next hiking trip safer.

Traveling tip for everyone

Before starting our list of best GPS tracking devices, we want to tell our readers about how they can save on their flight tickets when heading out to a hiking destination. You should always compare flight on an aggregator or a travel agent before booking flight. In this way, you can determine which flight is available at the lowest possible cost, and which flight will take off at the most suitable time for you.

Best GPS tracker in 2018 for Hiking

Garmin eTrex 30x

Garmin is the front-runner in producing some of the best GPS tracking devices for people all around the world. Their eTrex 30x has the best screen resolution, is more detailed and provides different types of terrains. It also offers more memory for maps to be stored in it. You can also determine not only your exact location but also your altitude and barometric pressure.

Garmin eTrex 10

Garmin eTrex 10 is one model before eTrex 30x, but hardly different in controls. If you have a low budget, this GPS tracker is best for you. It is Garmin’s basic model and is quite simple to understand. With its waterproof feature, it can simply work in any weather condition and deliver at every job.

Bushnell BackTrack G2

This GPS device is as big as your small pocket, and it is a very simple device to operate. It can help you get from one point to another without any hassle as it is quite easy to use. Being so uncomplicated, this device is also very easy to use and quite affordable.

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Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour

This Bushnell GPS tracking device is an advanced form of Bushnell BackTrack G2. Although it is still a simple, easy to use the device, it can store more locations and have more memory with some additional features as well. So if your hiking trip includes some trifles, then we recommend you buy this one.

Mengshen Mini

Sometimes you don’t need to buy a big expensive GPS tracker for a basic trekking trip. All you need is a small GPS that can track your position all the time. For this reason, we recommend you to buy Mengshen Mini. It is as small as a keychain and can be easily carried anywhere. But don’t let its simplicity fool you, it can easily work in the most extreme conditions, in the most extreme of places as well. It can precisely track your location along with your altitude. You won’t find a better option in the most affordable rates than this GPS tracker.

DeLorme’s inReach Explorer

DeLorme’s inReach Explorer is one of the best GPS Tracking devices in the industry. I offer a huge 100 hours of battery life, which makes it truly an exceptional device to use when you are going in the wild. It also offers amazing features such as two way satellite tracking, GPS navigation, SOS tracking, messaging, and much more. It is perfect for people who conduct search and rescue missions on daily basis. So if you are going on a technical trekking trip or even a mountaineering mission, we recommend you to take this with you.

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