The Accuracy of Data Annotation Services for ML and AI Models

data annotation services

With the developing technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence, data annotation is becoming one of the most important services sought by AI development teams. As it is a time-consuming task, the ML and AI companies are looking forward to manage the data annotation task without losing quality and accuracy. This is when a data annotation company comes to the scene as they have data annotators who can offer accurate results at affordable rates.

Before learning more about outsourcing data annotation, let’s discuss what is the process and how it helps AI-related jobs.

Data Annotation Services

Data annotation is a process used to identify patterns and to make the data easy-to-find. In these modern times, companies are focusing on different data annotation resources to prepare training sets for unstructured machine learning or creating data stacks for structured machine learning. The process includes adding metadata to code, but there’s a lot more to understand when data annotators work to train an AI or ML system.

How the accuracy of data annotation works for AI and ML models

Chatbots: With the help of data annotation services, chatbots can have the ability to respond well to a typed or spoken query.

Optical Character Recognition or OCR: Data annotation enables data engineers to build training packs for the OCR systems. Optical character recognition can identify and convert PDFs, handwritten characters and words or images to text.

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NLP or Natural language processing: NLP systems, through data annotation, can learn to understand the meaning of a question or query and give relevant intelligent responses.

Internet and text speech: With methods of labeling concepts within a text, machine learning models are able to understand what the audience is searching for. It is not limited to words, but also takes the intent of the searcher into consideration.

Language translation: Through data annotation, ML models can understand how to translate written or spoken words from one language to different languages.

Medical images: Data annotators create training models that help doctors detect cancerous tissues or any kind of abnormalities from the sonogram, X-ray and other medical images.

Autonomous images: With the advancement of self-driving vehicles, ML systems are relying on data annotation to interpret situations and recognize images.

Note: If any of these ML systems are trained with inaccurate data, it will give inaccurate and unreliable results that will be of no use to the user.

Outsourcing data annotation services

There have been a lot of obstacles faced by AI and ML development teams to carry out data annotation tasks maintaining the accuracy of results. So, it became necessary to collaborate with a third-party for data annotation services and eliminating any kind of internal bias. When you hire a data annotator from outside your company, he/she will provide you the most accurate data without being biased about the results. Nowadays, it is better to outsource data annotation as the provider with a diverse range of talents can reduce bias towards races, cultures, or any other demographics.

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Another advantage of outsourcing data annotators for the improvement of computer vision of AI models is their singular focus. A data annotation company with a dedicated team ensures the client receives the most accurate results within the deadline maintaining security throughout the process.

Not just this, you will also save a good amount of time and money on hiring a company for the data annotation job. It is because the job demands 80% of the time required for ML and AI projects.


If you are an AI or ML-based organization looking forward to completing your annotation tasks, we would suggest you outsource it from the best data labeling company to get the most reliable and accurate results.

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