Is a Postgraduate Diploma Worth It?


Postgraduate studies come next to your graduate degree/diploma. This is for people who want to pursue further education for some good reasons including career improvement. Although it is not necessary for job hunting, some find it beneficial to get a postgraduate diploma in singapore even after completing their graduate studies for the reason that it brings a lot of benefits to a professional. If you are on the same spot and wondering if a postgraduate diploma is worth a shot, here’s a piece of knowledge to inspire you.

Is a postgraduate diploma worth it?

After your graduate studies, it usually takes 6 months to 1 year to finish a postgraduate diploma. It is equivalent to MA qualifications but the student doesn’t need to make a dissertation project. Since it requires your time and money, you have to decide smartly if you will commit to it or not. There are some factors that can affect your decision largely and here are they:

1) Employment

A postgraduate diploma is a must-grab opportunity for better employability. Nowadays, having a bachelor’s degree is so common that it’s becoming hard to stand out from the rest. Getting your postgraduate diploma is worth it because it gives you more chances to get hired. 

It is your edge among other applicants and it helps you shine above the rest. This opportunity doesn’t only allow you to acquire new skills that you can use in your workplace, but it also helps you become the unique one from those who are applying for the same position.

2) Change of career

Once you have experienced working in a particular industry, your vision for your career becomes clearer. It is normal to crave for and try something new. A postgraduate diploma is worth a shot if you are looking to change your career. 

Unlike bachelor or graduate studies, you don’t need to spend years to finish your postgraduate program. In fact, it permits you to discover something that you may be interested in without studying for years. If you want a new line of work but you are not sure of what you want yet, you are free to explore the postgraduate programs you want to try.

3) Time Constraints

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A postgraduate diploma has MA qualifications but it is much easier. Completing a program only requires you to take up to 120 credits, which is way lighter than taking 180 credits worth of education to earn the MA title. You should take the shot if you want to try this shortcut. You also have the option to turn your postgraduate studies into MA at a later date once you are certain that you can commit to heavier study.

4) Budget

Everyone knows how expensive it is to earn a degree or diploma. There is no exception in taking your postgraduate studies. You will also need to spend money on it. But, when it comes to budget, this program is more worth it than taking your MA right away. 

A postgraduate diploma costs less than the MA equivalent. If you are studying on a budget, this is a good alternative, especially if you want to continue and get your MA title later on. There is no need to pressure your financial capability if you can avail of lower tuition costs to attain higher education.

5) Expanding your network

A postgraduate diploma is great for expanding your network. Working in a specific industry such as Law, Medicine, and Journalism requires good connections and if you will take your education to the postgraduate extent, you will earn more professional friends that you can connect with for work purposes. Most courses in this program have seminars and speeches about life and work and some even offer students good opportunities for prestigious employment.

6) Reputable universities

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Last but not least, a postgraduate diploma is as good as the university where you took it from. Some companies look at the school where you took your degrees and they hire based on it. This program is going to be worth it if you will choose a reputable university or school where you can take it. In Singapore, MDIS is popular for graduate students who want to pursue their postgraduate studies. This is a reputable private education institution that you might want to try.


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