How Far Can You Go With Elevator Shoes?

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Shoes that make you taller have come a long way from the traditional platform that was loved by rock and rollers and their fan club. Modern elevator shoes look like any other normal shoe but they have the underlying effect of boosting your height without making it obvious to the public. Typically, shoe companies mass produce shoes because it makes more business sense to create items that will serve a large section of the target market at once without catering to everyone’s needs individually. The problem with this concept is that the shoes do not fit the market as perfectly as they should as people have differences in physical appearance and personal preferences. As such, a large chunk of the market is locked out. However, these woes have been squashed by GuidoMaggi, the creators of the best elevator shoes in the industry.

GuidoMaggi seeks to cater to an individual’s needs from the design of the shoe to the level of elevation. This way, a person standing at a height of 5’9 can wear the Melbourne boots with 2 inches of elevation while a shorter person will choose an elevation of 3 inches. GuidoMaggi allows customers to customize their own elevation with regard to their preferred level of comfort. With such options comes great audacity with customers choosing extra inches with the aim of being taller than ever. The good news is that GuidoMaggi shop attendants and designers provide enough advice to shoppers to ensure they maximize the opportunity to get taller responsibly and avoid some of the dramatic height increasing shoes we have witnessed in the celebrity world.

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With the freedom of choice granted by GuidoMaggi, men and women can now stand as tall as they have always desired. When buying your favorite pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, ensure that you pick items that will serve your closet effectively. Notably, the fact that you are wearing height increasing shoes does not limit your styling options. The key point to remember is that height increasing shoes are just normal shoes with an added boost. As such, you can wear elevator shoes with shorts, which could be loafers, ankle boots or even sandals.

The extra advice that comes with buying GuidoMaggi elevator shoes is all for the benefit of the customer. For a long time now doctors have cautioned people against wearing uncomfortable shoes because the effect of this is felt throughout your entire body especially on your feet, legs, and back. Painfully high shoes will cause strain on your back and tight shoes will squeeze your toes and create bunions or even deform the structure of your feet.

You can definitely take your elevation dreams as far as possible, but it is advisable to stay within the realms of safety and comfort. 2 inches of elevation may not sound like much on paper but in actual sense, these two inches can give a woman of 5’5 the ultimate model’s height of 5’7 within a second of slipping on the shoes.

Stay safe and stylish and enjoy GuidoMaggi shoes for a long time to come.

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