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when can a woman not get pregnant

The planned parenthood is always precious for every couple. Most people want to spend the better part of their fertile years trying not to get pregnant. So it is not always a pleasant surprise to get pregnant unexpectedly. However, the truth is there is a short window during a woman’s fertile cycle when she can get pregnant. There is only 48 hours period to conceive.

Note that every woman is different, so their fertile cycle is also different. So, it’s never a sure shot to say that particularly any week or any day is there not to get pregnant.

Nevertheless, here are some ways to know when can a woman not get pregnant.

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Method 1:

You are on birth control: your chance of getting pregnant is reduced if you are using any birth control method. Keep in mind that the traditional pill packs generally contain 4-7 days of sugar pills, which usually doesn’t contain hormones. No exposure to hormones during 4-7 days can be enough for getting pregnant. That is called escape ovulation.

Method 2:

You are on your period– Though it’s not impossible; you can avoid unwanted pregnancy by having intercourse during the period. The chances of getting pregnant are pretty less in that case. If you consider the facts inside your body, the reality is that the egg which was waiting to be fertilized but didn’t, this one released during your period in the form of bleeding. And then the next egg is prepared to grow. In this period, there is no mature egg present inside you; hence intercourse during this time is safer. However, if you have a shorter period cycle of 20-25 days, then the chances of getting pregnant are always there.

Method 3:

You can use the pull out method: This method is a commonly used method, famous from the ancient time as birth control. It significantly helps you to avoid pregnancy, though every time it may not work. In this method, the male partner pulls out before ejaculation. But the risk is there because the pre-ejaculation is most of the time unpredictable. And sometimes active sperms are present in the pre-ejaculation fluids which can cause pregnancy.

Method 4:

Using a condom: The most common and safest method to prevent pregnancy is to use condoms. Perfect use of condoms can decrease your chances of getting pregnant upto 5%. Use a condom and pull out method together can give the best result.

Method 5:

Your age is over 44: If you are over 44, then the chances of getting pregnant is less than 10% according to the biological clock.

So these are the ways to know when can a woman not get pregnant. Hence follow the shared ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy, or you may contact family planning or health clinic as well.

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