What is an SSL Certificate and what is its Importance in SEO?

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The traditional marketing techniques are gradually becoming obsolete.

We are shifting to digital billboards, hardly come across brochures promoting a brand or product and TV ads will soon be an extinct concept as well. This is the age of internet and social media. Digital marketing is the ‘in’ trend in the world of marketing and one that is here to stay. Hence, the efforts of the brands to improve their digital marketing teams is justified. Recently, I was looking for Spectrum Internet Plans on the company’s website and I came across a differently themed website. Upon some research, I got to know that the company had hired new marketers who had brought about these changes in the website. This was done to get rid of the old and boring template and add a little oomph to the website. Attracting more people was their agenda, and I can say that they succeeded.

However, there are certain things like an SSL certificate that play a part in the SEO ranking of a website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer or more commonly dubbed as SSL is a name given to an encryption technology that companies employ when transferring info from a browser to a server. It is essential to make use of this technology as it prevents hackers from stealing important information. This information may include the credit card number or the login credentials of an individual. Therefore, an SSL certificate protects your website against hackers, spammers and spoofers. These souls lurk over the internet trying to access personal information of other people unethically. They can pose a serious threat to individuals and businesses alike.

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With passing time and more and more reliance on people on the internet to get things done, protecting web users and their security is becoming crucial. SSL can be used across an array of online platforms including instant messaging, email and web browsing, to name a few. Businesses opt for SSL certificates so they can protect the information of their clients and provide them with a safe online experience.

Better SEO Ranking

HTTPS pages rank better on Google than HTTP pages.

Yes, it is true.

Google is an internet giant and it is all about providing the users a secure experience. It cares a lot about the security of the people’s information and for this purpose, the HTTPS websites load faster than the ones that do not have it. This goes without saying that the websites that will load faster will show up on the top of the search results as well. Because according to Google, adding an SSL certificate to the website ensures that it is trustworthy. In many instances, Google has hinted at working with secure and trustworthy websites that provide users with a good surfing experience. People themselves tend to abandon websites that are not secure and avoid making purchases from them. Therefore, if you wish your website to have a better ranking and wish to boost your business, secure it with an SSL certificates.

More Traffic

A better-ranked website will automatically receive more traffic on it. No one has the time to scroll to the second or third search result page. In fact, in many cases, individuals just open the link to the first 3-4 search results against a query. If your HTTPS website makes it to the top 3-4 slots on the search result page, then expect to experience a high traffic on it. More traffic means that the click-through rate for your website will improve as a result as well.

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The conversion rate for your website or business will also increase because of an SSL certificate. Users tend to trust secured connections and websites. It gives them peace of mind as they can share their personal details without any hesitation. If you succeed in providing such an experience to the visitors, they will trust your business more and more and will buy from you more often as well.

So, it’s about time you secured your website with an SSL certificate. Because chrome will start warning the users about the websites that are not safe. As of now, the SSL SEO impact isn’t that noticeable, but it will affect your business to a large extent in the near future. A couple of company websites that I regularly visit have secured themselves with SSL. I was recently browsing through Spectrum’s website for Spectrum double play packages and I was glad to know that it was secured. Hence, I made my online payment for the package without any reluctance.

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