How to Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media

increase traffic by social media

Nowadays, multiple businesses are publishing content as ways to build audiences and also to increase traffic to websites. However, they might not be getting all they want from each content piece created. If you are damn serious about content, then you have to be way serious about ways to drive more traffic to social media. One best way to do that is by sharing content on social media more than just once. It might sound simple, but it is not.

Just after posting a blog content, the team will promote it on social media. When shared with other networks, you will garner certain clicks for each share made. Once you have sent a post on major social channels like Google+, Facebook or Twitter, the return looks great. But what will happen if you share the post a second time that same day? Will than double up the traffic? Well, not exactly. But, if you end up sharing the content third time, the traffic will double more.

Will it be okay to share content over one time?

Sharing content multiple times on any social media platform can trigger strong reactions. Some people will not even care to share content if it is the same, more than once. Most of the time, it is really hard to argue with results. The reality is quite harsh. No one cares or not even notice, even if you plan to post content more than once. Always remember that social media followers are not quite like your RSS subscribers who see and read every post you work on. On the other hand, sharing over once is the major part of offering an audience with the value that you promised. If you fail to share your post a few times, chances are high that you might not see any update.

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Avoid being a spammer:

Some people generally complain about Twitter users, who were sharing content way too much. Well, such complaints are valid. The user’s installed the plugin, which is designed to share old blog posts once every hour. It seems way too much than normal and can often be termed as spam. While this strategy might lead to added clicks, it is not the right kind of practice to work on. If you end up sharing the same post way too much, people will ignore tweets and might un-follow you. So, if you actually plan to share content over once, you have to abide by some ground rules.

  • Always take followers into consideration before making any post. Remember that the social feed you have is for them and not for your own purpose.
  • Never work on that project you won’t like. It feels worse to see someone else focusing on the same strategy as you did. It is a great gauge as you are not the only one feeling this way.
  • Avoid being a spammer. Try creating a smart schedule instead of going for that crowded one.
  • You need to provide some values. As mentioned, promoting content over once is a good thing but only if you are adding some value to the content for the audience to enjoy.
  • You should focus on your own habits. How can you use social media? Which is the “spam line” for you? Try focusing on these points and never cross the line.
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If you agree to follow these rules, you can easily end up gaining more followers for Instagram and also develop a greater social promotion schedule for content. It helps in making your traffic double in no time.

Ways to share content over once:

There are some simple steps to follow while trying to share content over once for your business growth. Following these points will help you out a lot.

1. Start by developing a sharing schedule:

You have to develop a simple schedule first. It will talk about guidelines for how you need to share content on each network. You have to tackle questions like how often you can share the content and if that is acceptable, will there be any preferred time to share the content and much more. Always be careful of planning as you don’t want to send messages n big clumps or right after one another.

2. Never share the same message more than once:

It is a rather major process, which will separate you from some unruly spammers. When you share a blog post on social media, you add the title, link, and few hashtags. It is okay but only once. It can get pretty monotonous if you cannot change it. So, the better strategy over here is to add simple variety by asking some questions or even adding some pull-quotes from the post.

3. Start optimizing content for each networking channel:

Social networks are designed to handle text and images differently. How much will they actually take it into account while creating messages? One better way to add value and variety to post is by taking advantage of strengths or every network.

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4. Start monitoring your results:

It is always mandatory to monitor results to ensure that the changes you are making to social publishing schedule are really going to work. For that, you have to look for a decrease or increase in any posting activity. You further have to deal with some negative feedback from the audience and even a slowing fading interest in the content.

Content shared over once will go viral:

There are multiple times when a simple post can go vital instantly if you can implement an exact social promotional strategy. The message needs to be very simple. You have to tweet only once about the time when the post will be live and then repeat the same once in every 30 days’ time. Primarily, the first tweet might go unnoticed, but the second one will take off as you have a gap of 30 days in between.

If you can avoid becoming a spammer and try focusing on the steps mentioned above, it won’t be that difficult to double up your traffic from social media. It takes time to be honest, but you will have a positive response too. You can also build your own social media platform too if you want.

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