5 benefits of Guest Blogging

The business world is expanding rapidly, and this affects many other areas. One of them is Marketing, which through strategy and creativity tries to enhance a brand or product.

One of those Marketing strategies is the “Guest Blogging”. Copywriters and content creators try to benefit from this process, which is about writing content for other blogs whose owners let you insert a backlink to the website you’re interested in promoting. It sounds great, isn’t it? But, does this really have advantages?

A guest blog post is supposed to be a high-quality, must-be original, content that your web visitors, or the readers of another site, will find useful. It’s not supposed to be a spammy, content farm technique for gathering links. The key to getting traffic is to take advantage of somebody else’s traffic in the first place.

Creating fantastic content that others will want to feature on their website should be about 50% of your content marketing effort if you are aiming to build traffic.

It takes a lot of hard work to produce content that a high-quality website will be willing to accept on behalf of their web visitors. However, if you are producing that sort of content already why are you not going to give it a bigger audience?

In the following sections, you will see 5 benefits of using guest blogging as a strategy.

Major benefits of guest blogging

1. Promotion

Thanks to Guest Blogging you can promote your site without paying an amount of money for it. Probably, there are people who follow that blog and haven’t heard about your site, so it will increase your visibility and your brand reputation. It will grow exponentially in front of the readers, who will be more and more interested in what you share.

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2. Increase the traffic to your site

The opportunity of publishing in other blogs will increase visits to your site and hence, the traffic received will also be higher. In addition, this is positive to develop contact with your target audience. In an article, you sign as who you are and including those links that connect with your social media platforms. This will allow you to improve your visibility and presence. If users like the way in which you write, they will start following you on social networks to see your articles.

3. Expand your contact list

On the one hand, when you contact other people for collaborating in their own blogs, they open the door of “their house” to your brand, so it is important to be friendly and comply with the requirements that the host writer sets. On the other hand, this will make that your network of contacts expands, and you will be able to grow thanks to the other people knowledge.

4. Improve SEO

If you write in another blog that has better Domain Authority than yours, will help you to have a better position of your brand. That means that the site where you will write it is more relevant to the search engines than your own site. So, this will help your website positioning. You will be improving the SEO.

5. Develop your writing skills

When someone invites us to write in a new blog, we always try to show the best of ourselves. So, the way in which we write is our cover letter. Because of that, we try to make the content perfect in order to add value to the article. Writing new content develops our ideas, expand our knowledge and what is better, it helps us to improve our skills every day.

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There are some important recommendations that you should follow if you are interested in using this strategy, as for example, to remember that the priority is to transmit relevant information to the reader, so promoting your site should be in the background.

Finally, accept the criticism. Constructive criticism is good and will help you to grow as a blogger. There is nothing better than a good suggestion that helps you think about how to improve where you don’t have too much experience yet.

Undoubtedly, being a guest blogger brings many advantages for both the guest writer and the host who will continue to renew their content without the need of investing time and effort to write a new article. Guest blogging can be carried out by oneself or else by an experienced SEO consultant with experience who will be able to make the most out of your contents, optimizing the publications for greatest results.

Guest blogging has grown up and developed to become a foundational element of traffic, authority building and influence and must be a key element of any content marketing plan. You don’t really need to know anything else apart from the above about guest blogging at this point. Just take the plunge and get started with guest blogging now. Because once you are familiar with it, you will know all you need by yourself. Happy blogging, and remember, be always welcoming to new guests bloggers into your blog!

This article has been written by Lorena Garcia-Rodriguez, a copywriter for a London-based digital agency.

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