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Choosing the right PC component for gaming is as vital as choosing weapons for the battle. Below is the list of best gaming components, which is a dream of every gamer to have. I have compiled a list of best gaming components, which includes even gaming chair

Games are like drugs so most of the people are addicted to them. Nowadays games are very advanced so the PC should also be accordingly. Most of the people think that only a powerful system and a large screen monitor are the requisite of a game but a gamer knows what a gaming PC is like. So to be the winner your PC should be of a winner.

For gaming PC you need a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, gaming monitor, gaming chair and some other latest products which you might have not heard about.  Some of the best gadgets of a gaming PC that you should have are as follows.

Multi-Monitor Setup – Asus Bezel-Free Kit

For flight and racing games multi-monitor setup is outstanding but the disappointing point is that a gap come between the two monitors. But thanks to Asus for setting in motion this Bezel-Free kit which merges the two monitors into one without any gap.

As it uses only prism and refraction of light principle thus monitors with thin bezels can be merged together. On top of that, it requires no electronic control so if you have a multi monitor-setup just get this instead of spending money on getting a new display.

Gaming Monitor – Acer Predator X27

Acer Predator X27
Gaming monitor is the final part which plays the key role in giving you an ultra HD gaming experience. Display of the monitor is the factor which immerses you into the game. Many people give importance to screen size but it alone is not enough. To give you free motion of character your monitor should be such that has a high refresh rate and low response time. On top of that, it should support Nvidia G-SynC technology for 4k display. Having the best gaming components without the best gaming monitor is not enough.

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Acer Predator X27 possess all these features and show amazing performance in all sort of games. Whether you play graphic oriented games or head to head combat games its result is maximum and does not let you down.

Gaming Mouse – Corsair Dark Core RGB SE & MM 1000 Qi

Corsair Dark Core RGB SE & MM 1000 Qi
Gaming mouse plays the key role especially in head to head combat games but choosing the right mouse is a bit tricky. The market is full of wireless mice and also you will see some of the rechargeable wireless mice but they are not very durable. Thus Dark Core RGB is the only mouse in the world which when paired with 1000 MM Qi charging mouse pad can be used for lifetime.  On top of that, it can be also connected to the latest smartphones like Note 8 and iPhone X.

Gaming Keyboard – Cooler Master Keys MK851

Cooler Master Keys MK851Cooler Master Keys MK851
It looks like a normal mechanical keyboard but its unique feature is that it contains analog keys. As all other keyboards are functional on digital inputs, so these keys give an extra advantage over your opponent during games. They are 8 in number and enable you to move the cast everywhere more gently. In racing games, they play the role of pedals thus giving you great control.

External GPU – Zotac AMP Box

Zotac AMP Box
It is an external GPU box and designed only for small GPUs. It will not be wrong to say the finest compared to Asus ROG Station 2 because Zotac AMP is made up of aluminum and also possess RGB light system.

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Gaming Speakers – Razor Nommo Pro

Razor Nommo Pro
To get the real experience of battlefield sound quality of the speaker should be next level. But as you know that the computer speaker is the part which is ignored by the majority of the manufacturer thus does not give you the gratifying result. Therefore you need a speaker which generate an ear-pleasing sound. In this regard Razor Nommo Pro will not disappoint you and so far is the best speaker for gaming PC. The further speaker system is 2.1 THX certified certainly this will clear all your doubts.

Gaming Chair – Vertagear PL4500 RGB

Vertagear PL4500 RGB
Gaming chair plays a major role in defeating the opponent because the more comfortable you sit the better you respond. Vertagear PL4500 is giving you something that you have never think of because the manufacturer has mingled RGB spectrum into it.  Light emits through holes thus balance RGB spectrum of your PC, keyboard, mouse and mousepad. The whole lighting system is controlled by batteries whose life is 30 hours.

Gaming CPU – Digital Storm Project Spark

Digital Storm Project Spark
It is the smallest and most powerful PC specially designed for gaming.  It is only 12 inch in height and can action GTX 1080 and three M.2 SSDs.  You might think that due to so powerful system it will be noisy and get hot soon. But due to Storm’s cooling system, it stays silent and cool.

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