What is Tik Tok? How to use it?

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What is Tik Tok ? How to use it?

Ads / Video of the Tik Tok app you must have seen on Youtube or an App Its name was Musical.ly which was changed to Tik Tok some time ago. Now the musical.ly app / Tik Tok App’s air is running all around nowadays. The Tik Tok App has got more than 100 million installs, so you can imagine how popular the Musical.ly App has been.

After reading this post, you will get full information about the Tik Tok app. What is Tick Talk and what is Tik Tok? How can Tik Tok download, How does Tik Tok run? If you want to know the answers to all these questions then read this article fully and know what type of illness is Tik Tok?

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a fastest-growing short video making app that lets you play musical, dance, comedy, acting, lip-sync etc. You can make up to 15-second videos. It is used in 150 countries and World Wide has more than 500 million users who run Tik Tok apps.

Tik Tok is a platform where you can make people crazy by adapting to the 15-second video. In Tik Tok Apps, you have to make your own video, for this, you can do Video Records using Front or Rear Camera. It depends on you whether you like Dance, Comedy, Acting, lip-sync etc. Which of the kind of videos you want to create. To shoot a video, you get a lot of audio clip and according to that audio, you have to give a reaction.

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There are so many effects and editing features available that can be used to make Video Editing. After the video shoot, you can Publish in Tik Tok Community. After publishing the video, you can share on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, etc. and download and save in gallery too. Tik Tok’s 15-second video is so tremendous that people are forced to see them.

How to Create an Account on Tik Tok App?

It is very easy to use. Before creating an account on the Tik Tok App, you will need to download an app from the Google Play Store,

  • First, you need to download Tik Tok App.
  • After opening the App, click on Profile Icon. You will now get the option of Sign Up With Phone or Email to register, whether you want to do with Facebook, Google or Twitter. You can sign up with what you like.

How to use Tik Tok?

  • Tik Tok App will not work hard for you. Its Bottom Menu is very similar to Instagram, in the menu, you will find some options that you can use as per the requirement. So let’s know how the Tik Tok app runs.
  • When you open the Tic Tick, you can see the option of Side Side and For You. In the following section, their video will be seen, which you have followed, For You section, all those videos will be seen which is trending on tik tok. The rest of the options are Like, Comment, Share, and Creator Profile.
  • After clicking on the Search icon, the Search option will open in front of you. In this, you can find tags, categories and any person who uses Tik Tok.
  • By clicking on Plus Icon, you can shoot 15 seconds of video and publish it to Tik Tok.
  • Plus Icon is the Notification of Icon. In the Notification Area, you will see Notification of Like, Comment of all those videos that you have uploaded.
  • The most last option is of the Profile. You can see profile information by clicking on Profile, Edit Profile. This means that the full information about your profile will be in it, how many people you followed, how many people follow and how many videos you have cast.
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How to upload a video on Tik Tok?

Now you know what the Tik Tok (Musically) App is and how it is run. Now let us know how to insert video on the Tik Tok App. Video Shoot is very easy once you learn, you will learn.

  1. First, click on Plus Icon. After clicking, Video Shoot Screen will open and there will be some features in it.
  2. Now you can add any audio by clicking Add a Sound.
  3. After adding Music Camera Select Front or Rear with which you will make the video.
  4. Down 0.1x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x Option is also given to Video Speed Slow and Fast.
  5. Now you have to do a video shoot, hold the red button in the hand while holding the red button. If you want to make a video by placing it anywhere, then click on Timmer, the video will start automatically and Music will also run which you have selected.
  6. After the video is ready, you can publish it.

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