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Top 15 Tech stories of 2017

Out of complete exploration of articles in my website INGENIOUS EXPRESS, I would like to present the viewers the best inventions of 2017 which are as follows:

Best 15 Tech stories of 2017


Google is going to launch its latest invention of artificial intelligence. Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) made artists very easy that they can download the software and can start creating novel sounds taking any two instruments. Google’s Artificial intelligence is going to create a greater transformation in the modern world.

Most of the people are not aware of the Google’s security princess “PARISA TABRIZ.” She is considered as the best women in technology in the world. Parisa Tabriz is the one who is going to protect the tech giant and assure safety to its billion user across the world. The Google’s security princess is a ‘white hat’ hacker, which states that she is the topmost paid person to hack into Google’s system as an employee in the company.

Dutch scientist, Henk Hesselink came up with a novel idea of creating circular runways. After many years of analysis, the Dutch scientist had come to a conclusion that the circular runways results in reducing the noise pollution, saves fuel (usage of fuel is less in circular runways) and even environmental friendly. Circular runways could lead the airports into new world.

Cockroach theory is given by the Google CEO Sundar pichai. Sundar pichai clearly states in this theory that, it is not our problems that disturbs us in our life but the inability to handle the disturbances that we face in our daily life. “Everyone should rather respond than reacting” because reaction to the problem results in chaos. Therefore, the theory of Sundar pichai results in improving right attitude in our life, regardless of the challenges we face.

As per researchers, they believe that even grass can be used as jet fuel. It is helpful for cheaper flights. Present this conversion is in its inception stage, where it is able to produce only in lesser quantities. Later, it might result in larger quantities of jet fuel. CERN KHOR, a scientist from Belgium stated, grass acts as a valuable source of energy. Grass, not only acting as a feeding agent to animals, it can be used even as jet-fuel.

ELON MUSK, founded this Artificial intelligence “NEURA LINK”. It is a known fact that Elon Musk has been working on Artificial intelligence to link up with a human brain. Neura Link is invented in 2016 but was officially launched in March, 2017. This Artificial intelligence, Neura link mainly focuses on how a human being is able face in uncertain situations. So, as to improve the ability to overcome these situations this software helps our brain to explore these conditions.

Music acts a separate world to almost every individual. EDUARDO MIRANDA came up with a latest invention to generate music streaming apps where music is based on our brain waves. He says that music based on brain waves can be played and we can spot the songs in music streaming apps that we wish before selecting them. He also conducted an experiment taking 3 teams. Finally, he could found that all the brain waves are synchronized.

Velomobile are the latest Italian inventions. Velomobiles acts as a thin line between bicycle and car. Velomobile is invented by Giorgio R. G. BARBAGALLO, it runs through a brush-less electric to fortify the pedalling power. Velomobiles also acts as a protective tool from weather conditions and clashes. This Italian invention is going to transform the usage of bicycles.

Virtual reality has become the latest technology to watch various movies. It leads to a novel world to the viewer. Many large scale companies such as Sony, Samsung, Google, Htc etc came forward and started selling Virtual reality headsets, which gradually increases the competition. Virtual reality Headsets helps people to delve into virtual worlds.

Volocopter is a German start up, which is a 18 rotor volocopter drone. Volocopter can be used as a taxi in pilot projects. Volocopter VC200 is the version of 18 rotor volocopter. This can be used as a personal flight and can even act as air taxi service. Volocopter VC200 contains a lithium battery and can extend to its maximum speed of 62mph.

For the past few years designers are trying to sort out a climbing wheelchair. After many years they finally landed with a Smart stair climbing wheelchair. This climbing wheel chair can also adjust its height to maintain its eye contact while communicating with others. Smart stair climbing wheel chair has rubber tracks to navigate stairs and two wheels to navigate the road or any flat surface.

IFO drone is invented by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, an Italian company, Jet Capsule. This drone has a capacity of two passenger and travel at a max. speed of 160mph. It almost seems to be a flying saucer but it isn’t. It is surrounded by a strong carbon fibre disk to protect passengers. To assure safety to passengers in emergency cases they are provided parachutes at their back.

NASA’S Puffer robot is the latest invention of its Jet propulsion laboratory. It has the capacity to spot or sense obstacles and also adjusts itself appropriately, which is not possible by big rovers. It has Bluetooth option and will be controlled remotely.

Generation of electricity at a higher rate nuclear energy is required. It acts as a platform for economic development. India is now taking a major step to develop nuclear technology and is an active partner of Atomic Energy Agency. Nuclear technology helps to reduce generation of electricity from fossil fuels which reduces the greenhouse gases. It also helps mankind in sustainability.

India’s first ever Indian electric bike created by Tork Motorcycles which is a Pune startup. It has come up with TORK T6X. Surprisingly, this Indian electric bike nearly had 1000 pre-orders within 24hrs. Tork T6X has a mileage of 100km per charge. It can travel at a maximum speed of 100 kmph. The company aims to sell 10,000 units in first year.

16. INSTA 360 AIR:

This is the latest android device of company’s accessory and costs around $130. Insta 360 Air formed a trivial way to use the device for taking photos and video. The name itself signifies that it is an easy 360 photo and video capturing device. Insta air 360 works by inserting USB connector to your phone. Taking photos and captivating video with the easy 360 photo and video device is as simple as taking photos in the smartphones.

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